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Since 2011, Passerelle has been helping businesses scale up with strategic marketing, sales and creative initatives. In 2021, we became part of Everbrave Branding Group, a powerhouse in performance growth marketing, branding, sales, CRM and customer experience. Come check us out! Or wait 20 seconds and you'll be automatically redirected to everbrave.ca.

Our success is a direct result of our unique ability to quickly and comprehensively understand the technical nature of your business, as well as our skill in selecting the right mix of marketing tools to make it grow.


We have built our careers marketing B2B, industrial and professional service companies, and we use our experience to your advantage, selecting the right mix of marketing tools to help your company grow. Each member of the Passerelle team has experience with technical and professional service companies in a business development or marketing capacity. We all understand the importance of how business development and marketing work together to provide measurable returns. You might even think of us as the anti-ad agency, meaning we empower you to be in control of your content changes by building editable tools and templates that increase productivity and minimize the on-going involvement and cost of an outside company.


Grown to the point where you need someone to coordinate in-house? Great, we work with your new hire to train them, provide ongoing strategic support, or take on other major marketing projects they may not have the skill set or time to complete.


Technical Understanding

We understand the technical nature of your business, whether it is pipeline engineering, laying concrete or providing health care services. We truly care about the nitty-gritty technicalities of your service offering, and our understanding enables us to identify your competitive advantage and communicate it to the right audience.

Results Driven

We appreciate you may be sceptical about marketing. Chances are, your company made an investment with an ad agency only to get lack-lustre results. Don’t be scared off. Working with Passerelle means deliverables and measurable business outcomes are set up front so results are in plain view.

Aligned with Sales

Think of us as the fuel that powers your business development and marketing efforts. We equip and support senior decision makers and sales teams with the market research, competitive intelligence, client insight and marketing tools, that drive your company to increase the probability of winning business.