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Since 2011, Passerelle has been helping businesses scale up with strategic marketing, sales and creative initatives. In 2021, we became part of Everbrave Branding Group, a powerhouse in performance growth marketing, branding, sales, CRM and customer experience. Come check us out! Or wait 20 seconds and you'll be automatically redirected to

Marketing solutions that power business results. Services tailored to help technical, B2B and professional services firms achieve measurable marketing outcomes.


Having personally worked several years of my career on your side of the table, one of the main reasons I started Passerelle Marketing was to provide accountable, value-focused marketing, website and business development consulting services that meet the needs of technically focused companies. I recognized there was an unmet need for companies just like yours, struggling to find a marketing partner that fully appreciated, understood and aligned with their company’s unique needs. Working with your company’s technical experts, we focus on creating marketing and business development efforts that add to your company’s ability to achieve measurable marketing and business outcomes. Our own success depends on our ability to make your marketing efforts successful. When your business is successful you will be more likely to recommend us. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to produce marketing strategies and tools that you are completely satisfied with, that deliver real business outcomes and are scalable to grow as your company grows. Your success is our success; let’s grow together.

Amy Drew-Brook
Company Principal & CEO



We are cleverly inventive and resourceful, staying ahead of the trends to achieve your strategic business goals.


We align with your vision and customize our creative process to your style, whether it’s classic, ultra-modern, simple or cutting edge.


We believe customer service isn’t just doing what we’re told – it’s understanding your business and providing the best marketing solutions for your needs.


We cut out the costly formalities with our nimble and customized business approach, so we can focus projects on real outcomes.


We get right down to work, understanding the importance of deadlines and delivering on commitments, on time and on budget.


We believe transparent and candid communication drives better results, even when the conversations get tough.