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Safeguard and manage your company’s brand with a set of brand standards and guidelines.

Once your brand identity has been put in place, your brand should be a safe guarded asset to your company. Over time, when left to its own devices, the brand starts to take on an image of its own – one that may not be how you intended it. Although the brand evolution starts harmlessly with a satellite office making a new letterhead, a friend offering to adjust the business card design, or a vendor re-colouring the logo for a certain purpose, these small adjustments start eroding your brand. Because consistency is so important to building the value and visibility of your brand, eventually a harmless new letterhead here and a new colour there give way for an unorganized, mixed brand message to your clients, employees and other stakeholders.


Brand standards and guidelines set the record straight with what your brand identity looks like and how it is rolled out across print and digital materials and can go as far as setting key messages and behaviours in line with your corporate values and vision. Brand standards act as a critical reference point guide for employees and outside vendors who work on your brand, letting them know how to implement the brand and what is and isn’t acceptable in visual and verbal communications when presenting your company. Protecting this valuable asset will ensure that your brand continues to be one of your firm’s most valuable assets, while growing and reinforcing your company’s visibility in the minds of your clients and industry.


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