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Since 2011, Passerelle has been helping businesses scale up with strategic marketing, sales and creative initatives. In 2021, we became part of Everbrave Branding Group, a powerhouse in performance growth marketing, branding, sales, CRM and customer experience. Come check us out! Or wait 20 seconds and you'll be automatically redirected to

Brand strategy is central to guiding marketing activities, allowing your sales team to sell more, and providing clarity and context to your stakeholders. 

Building your company’s brand strategy is the unifying concept that guides and aligns behaviour, actions and communications. It builds on your vision and business strategy, it’s linked to your company’s values and culture, and it reflects your understanding of your clients’ needs and perceptions. We work with you to establish a brand strategy that defines and encompasses your market positioning, differentiation, competitive advantage, and unique value proposition. The best brand strategies are so powerful that they resonate with all stakeholders – both internal (employees) and external (clients), while deflecting the competition.


To assess the current equity and strength of your company’s brand, we dive into understanding your business, using research to take a careful look at your core customers, competitors, internal perceptions, values, competencies and overall offering. Often, the way a firm sees itself can be out of sync with the views of its customers and the larger marketplace. Our process usually includes a review of both your existing data, compiled in the form of our brand building questionnaire, as well as new research done by our team. Assessing your current brand ensures that internal perceptions align with external drivers and often reveals potentially hidden business development opportunities.


The end goal of understanding your current brand and developing a brand strategy should be to align your organization’s vision with how your clients experience your company. Whether you need to understand your brand’s current value or are ready to build your brand strategy, we can help. Contact us to start building your brand.