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Since 2011, Passerelle has been helping businesses scale up with strategic marketing, sales and creative initatives. In 2021, we became part of Everbrave Branding Group, a powerhouse in performance growth marketing, branding, sales, CRM and customer experience. Come check us out! Or wait 20 seconds and you'll be automatically redirected to everbrave.ca.

Your logo is your company’s visual signature and is just one part of your company’s brand. Drive value for your brand, and ultimately your business, by aligning your visual sign-off with your brand strategy. 

Your logo and brand identity are the visual elements of your brand. Graphic design plays an essential role to creating the supporting visual representation of your brand, but it’s not the only role in the brand building process. With your brand research and strategy intact, we work with your company to then develop your brand’s visual identity. Your visual elements might include a new logo if your company is rebranding or going through a brand revitalization, or might just involve creating visual elements that support, compliment and augment your existing logo. The goal of creating a visual identity is to create a look and feel that is consistent with your brand’s strategy and can be easily translated across your marketing tools and touch points, such as signage, advertisements, brochures, and trade show materials to name a few.


If you are embarrassed to hand out your business card, can’t read the text in your logo or feel your company needs an overhaul on its visual brand identity, we’re here to help. Contact us.