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Your company is growing by acquisitions, but now you are left with multiple brands and don’t know whether to consolidate them under one umbrella or keep them separate.

The answer is… it depends on your company’s business objectives and strategy. For some companies it makes sense to combine business units, brands and companies under a unified front to integrate and consolidate services. For others, a suite of different brands ensures that subsidiary companies can efficiently operate under their own umbrella without cannibalizing each business line’s revenue potential. Your company’s best bet is to start thinking about the branding and integration plan early. Branding should be a line item as part of the acquisition evaluation process to allow for integration costs, a seamless transition, and effective communication to employees and clients about how the companies will work together or separately. Research is a great first step to understand how industry dynamics and client needs are shaping your company’s transition and how branding can work best for your group of companies.


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