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Unlock the value of your B2B, technical or professional services brand. Re-branding offers tired, outdated and under-valued brands the opportunity to enhance your company’s ability to cross-sell, up-sell and build strategic partnerships.

Rebranding is so much more than just updating your logo or your company’s look and feel. The rebranding process starts with evaluating and understanding the current value of your company’s brand and determining what your company’s brand should stand for in the future. Once you have a brand strategy in place you can begin to build key brand messages, as well as the identity and tools that will represent your new brand.


Why rebrand? It seems like a big expense and possibly even a hassle. Rebranding offers a solution in light of the changing business environment. Increased competition, mergers and acquisitions, changing client requirements and tastes, new disruptive technologies among other specific marketplace dynamics. if you don’t adapt, you risk being left behind because your company is no longer relevant.


Rebranding a tired or out-dated brand can be a powerful driver of growth and your company’s business objectives. Here are a few of the many benefits branding has to offer:

  1. Attract, strengthen and expand customer relationships. Your brand can help generate leads and close sales. It helps get your company on the MSA and RFP lists. A strong and visible brand keeps your company top of mind with clients and can even tip the scales in your favour in closely fought situations.
  2. Aligns and empowers operational performance and internal teams. Your brand gets management and employees on the same page with business goals and objectives. Filtered down to employees, it shapes the standard for the level of service expected, how employees respond to client requests, and empowers them deliver on your brand’s promise. For internal departments and business units it can bring together teams to work toward your company’s common goals.
  3. Secure strategic partnerships and better teaming arrangements. For many small and mid-sized technical and professional service firms, aligning and teaming with the best partners is crucial to winning new business. Building your brand can help you win over the best partners and forge stronger teaming arrangements. Your brand also helps you secure your position as your client’s strategic advisor to maintain a strong relationship, despite ever increasing competition.
  4. A catalyst for growth and company expansion. Building your brand can assist with moving efficiently into new markets, and it empowers your sales and business development team to cross-sell and up-sell without feeling the need to discount your offering as frequently.


Think your company is ready for a rebrand? Rebranding requires a mandate from the top and a readiness to invest in the future. To truly experience the benefits branding has to offer and have a true impact on the status quo, your leadership team needs to have a strong desire to lead the way, outpace your competition and give employees the best tools to reach clients. Ready to seize every opportunity to tell people why they should choose your company over the others? Let’s talk about the possibility a rebrand. Contact us.