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Not sure where to start with online marketing? We help you navigate the digital landscape and select the tools that point your company to measurable success.

Arriving late to the world of online marketing? Don’t worry; it’s better late than never. For B2B and professional services companies, online marketing is challenging traditional marketing with Google and social media opening new frontiers. Word of mouth marketing and networking is transforming. Social media, Google and review sites online are now shaping companies’ online reputations. Prospects and clients are doing their homework online first. Companies that join the conversation and provide prospects with the resources to assist and inform their purchase decisions have enormous potential to build their reputation and expand their online audience.


Online marketing offers several advantages. It’s relatively inexpensive, works for your company 24/7, and the results are almost 100% measurable. The hub of your online marketing activities is your website. Not only is it the first place your prospects will go to check out your company, but it can also be a powerful source for educating prospects and even generating a stream of new leads. At the core of your website and all online marketing activities is good content. It is the fuel that powers your company’s ability to be found in the search engines, and keep your online audience coming back to your site. When you offer valuable content on your website, through resources such as a blog, technical white papers or e-books, or drive conversations through social media, prospective buyers can learn from your company and get comfortable with your company’s offering and approach. Your company will be top of mind when it comes time to make a purchase decision or evaluate an RFP submission.


We provide guidance to clients trying to navigate the rapidly changing online environment. We avoid the one-size-fits-all approach by customizing an online strategy that makes sense for your business, broadens your reach, gives you a platform to communicate with your audience and provides more validation in the marketplace.


When it comes to your website, we use the latest technologies to increase visits, drive users to take the actions you want them to online and optimize content to work towards achieving your search engine ranking goals. We also help you craft targeted messages that speak to your audience and build brand awareness, and we measure and quantify the results with implementation and reporting of analytics.



Website Development
Need a new or revamped website?
We specialize in B2B, technical and professional services websites, taking care of website page structure, custom design, content built for web, responsive coding, content management systems and even SEO implementation.

Website Assessments
Where does Google rank your website for your services and keywords? What pages are the most popular? Is it user-friendly and easy to navigate?
Starting with a website assessment before jumping into a website re-design or development can help you understand how people find and use your company's website. It will also tell you whether you can build off what you have, or if you need to start from scratch.

Website Maintenance
Need to update your website, but can't make the changes yourself?
We're here to help with even the smallest changes, with no minimum charge. Keeping your website up-to-date with regular maintenance will ensure your website appears in optimal condition across all web browsers and mobile devices. Monthly or quarterly website maintenance can also help expand the life of your website re-development investment, keeping your website safe from potential security breaches and always looking its best.

Online & Website Content Writing
Not sure where to start with developing your website content or writing for your blog or social media platforms?
Content written for web must engage your audience and encourage them to take your desired actions online. We provide online content management system recommendations and implementation, assist with online lead generation, advise on SEO content integration, and develop content for your website, blog, and social media.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Ranking afterthoughts to your website?
Whether you are thinking about re-doing your website, have just launched or now want to rank for specific keywords, we can help you build an SEO strategy and rank your website for the terms your target audience is searching.

Pay Per Click (PPC) & Online Advertising
Intrigued by the possibilities of online advertising but not sure where to start?
Let’s get you more leads online. We’re experts in promotional plans and strategies, Google Adwords account setup and configuration, ad writing, design and implementation, as well as analysis, tracking and reporting on key metrics and campaign progress.

Social Media & Content Marketing
Wondering whether to invest in social media or a company blog?
Online marketing done right can position you company as an expert in your field online. But writing content on a regular basis requires resources to keep it up. Let us help you put an online content marketing strategy in place and assist with crafting on-going content to support your online marketing goals.

Intranet & SharePoint Productivity Tools
Want to communicate more effectively with your employees?
Whether you’re considering a brand new intranet, need to revamp or clean up your current site, or want to get the most out of SharePoint or another intranet platform, we can help you improve your employee engagement, collaboration and communication.

Calgary Online Marketing


Our websites are built with the full online picture in mind. We provide full-service website design, coding and even maintenance programs post launch. They are custom built and scalable, meaning they can adapt as your company grows. Learn more about how our unique approach to websites will save you time and money in the long run.