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Since 2011, Passerelle has been helping businesses scale up with strategic marketing, sales and creative initatives. In 2021, we became part of Everbrave Branding Group, a powerhouse in performance growth marketing, branding, sales, CRM and customer experience. Come check us out! Or wait 20 seconds and you'll be automatically redirected to everbrave.ca.

Why do the job with one screwdriver, when you could have a whole toolbox at your fingertips. Outsourced marketing is your complete marketing tool kit. Access a full team of diverse marketing specialists without the costs associated with carrying employee salaries.

Your company is considering undertaking a few different marketing projects. It might start with a website, or a new set of marketing materials, maybe an investment in online marketing or social content. Whatever the mix is, you don’t have the internal resources to accomplish your marketing activities. You may be looking at external vendors, or possibly hiring a coordinator, or both. You just can’t seem to find the right skill set to check off all the boxes. You need a team of marketers that can bring it all together, but don’t have the budget to support a full team.


Our outsourced marketing services allow your company to build and access your own marketing team and select the skills you need, when you need them. It is a results driven alternative to a full-time salaried position, allowing you to leverage the knowledge and talent of a diverse team of marketing experts, without a long-term hiring commitment.


Our team will work with your company’s leadership and sales team to carry out the marketing projects that are most important to help you reaching your business goals – from planning through to execution. Working on an as-needed basis, your outsourced marketing team is a cost effective way to access professional marketing resources with a visible return on investment.


Whether you don’t have someone to handle marketing internally or simply require ongoing graphic design, copywriting or web development support, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Pick and choose from our skill set to best fit the job at hand.



Your outsourced marketing team gets down to work on day one. The heavy lifting begins immediately to identify your company’s needs, conduct research, create a marketing strategy and execute an integrated marketing plan.


An experienced member of the Passerelle team becomes part of your team, working onsite with your company and your team, so buy-in is already built into marketing and communication initiatives.


Your outsourced marketing team has both views of your company – outside looking in and inside looking out. This unbiased and independent perspective on marketing efforts helps align internal stakeholders and arrive at decisions easier.


The outsourced marketing services model allows you to carry out the projects that are most important to your company, without dealing with the logistical details of day-to-day management, training or coordination of a team.


Our team will complement and work with the resources you already have so your organization can continue to focus on its core business, while your marketing efforts are planned, executed, delivered and tracked.


Accessing an outsourced team of marketing experts, from copywriters to graphic designers, online marketers and web developers allows for your marketing efforts to be completely integrated both on and offline without having to hire multiple vendors and employees.

Calgary Outsourced Marketing Services


Your company needs a new website, maybe new marketing materials, and could also use someone to support day-to-day sales efforts. The problem is, you only have the budget for one employee, but need the skills of a whole team.


  1. You lack a Senior Marketer. Your company needs someone who can plan and strategize marketing efforts, and someone who isn’t afraid to also execute marketing work.
  2. Your marketing budget has recently decreased. You now need to do more and get creative with the limited budget you have.
  3. Your company has several divisions or subsidiaries that could share resources and integrate marketing efforts to better position all companies for growth.
  4. You need specialized marketing support to deliver a specific marketing project or initiative. Branding, re-branding, website redesign, proposal (RFP) response processes, event planning and management, or digital marketing campaigns, to name a few.
  5. Your marketing efforts have suffered due to lack of resources, extreme growth or new acquisitions.
  6. You’re a new start-up and need marketing support immediately – at a cost you can afford.
  7. Your firm’s growth is slowing and you need research conducted to advise you on where to go next and how to get there.