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Stuck at a fork in the road? Our business research gives you actionable insights & the confidence to take the next step.

Without research, decision-makers are left to make assumptions on an incomplete understanding of what motivates clients’ purchase decisions, whether to invest in a new market, or how to respond when a competitor lowers their prices. Our research services leverage what your team already knows, and combines this internal research with our own independent primary and secondary research process to provide in-depth insights to make more informed decisions and influence change.


B2B research limits blind spots and turns perception into the intelligence that drives business decisions forward. When done effectively by an independent firm, research reduces the risk associated with making business decisions and helps you align your marketing strategy to your clients’ needs and purchase behaviour. B2B research can be a valuable tool when you are evaluating pricing, budgeting priorities, new markets, or a possible re-brand.  Your investment in research will act as the foundation on which your company can build a true competitive advantage and marketing plans, that enables your firm to win more business, command higher fees and generate more referrals.



Thinking about entering a new market or re-focusing your offering?
Don't miss out on opportunities or waste valuable resources. See the big picture with independent research on market trends, client challenges and emerging issues.

Maximize your market share and gain better return on your marketing spend.
Our client research and market segmentation helps you identify, understand and track your target clients, so you can uncover what is influencing their purchase decisions, how they perceive your firm's strengths and weaknesses, and what marketing tools will effectively reach them.

Do you really know the competition?
Chances are, your clients are looking at companies that aren't even on your radar, which means you might not be positioning your services in a way that makes your company stand out. Our competitive intelligence research helps you understand your position in the market and what adjustments you might need to make in order to gain a true competitive advantage and command higher fees.

Considering a re-brand, or consolidating multiple brands under one umbrella?
Brand research helps you understand employee and client perceptions, and the spend required to take the next step to grow your brand in a way that will produce a real return on investment.

Ready to rank online?
Understanding which key terms your audience is searching online, and how to position your company to rank for those terms is an important first step to consider when re-building your website. Learn more about our design-build-maintain website services here.