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Brand research sets the record straight ensuring your brand’s promise resonates with potential and current clients. It takes the guess work out of visual and verbal communications and positions your company’s brand for growth.

Many technical and professional service companies have built solid reputations for delivering world-class products, projects, services or consulting, but often lack industry brand awareness that gets them considered for new business or attracts the best talent. Powerful brands are more than just a new logo. The value of a powerful brand pays off in its ability to build loyalty, cross-sell, up-sell and generate referrals. 


All brands go through cycles of strength, transition and idleness. Building a strong brand relies on your company’s ability to evolve and remain relevant to your clients, while delivering a value proposition that aligns with their unique and changing needs. Brand research helps you understand the current state of your brand and put a framework in place to make your company’s brand one of its most valuable assets.


Our brand research process includes interviews with key internal and external stakeholders to uncover your brand’s current position, customer needs and awareness in your industry segment, and employee perception of the brand. Secondary research on competitor and industry branding is then integrated to give you a complete perspective of your brand’s current value and the next steps required to build stronger brand positioning and business outcomes.



  • Has outgrown its current brand image
  • Wants to better understand what benefits your clients want from a brand in your industry
  • Is concerned that your critical first impression with a potential client is holding your company back from being considered for work
  • Has been through multiple acquisitions and is questioning whether your clients know the value of each brand and how they can work together
  • Is considering a re-brand or brand revitalization
  • Needs to gauge client awareness and perceived market positioning