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Not all buyers are considered equal. B2B client segmentation and client research allows you to better understand your audience and strike up meaningful conversations that ignite business results.

Independent client research helps you keep tabs on how prospects and clients really feel about your company, allowing you to see strengths and weaknesses through their eyes. Armed with this candid feedback, your company can make timely adjustments to your service offering, sales approach and communications to capitalize on unmet opportunities that will resonate with your buyers.


Our client research captures the perspective of three key groups: current clients, potential prospects and prospects that chose the competition. These three groups will give your firm a more complete view of:

  • what it’s like working with your company and why your clients chose you;
  • what prospects think of your firm, the strength of your brand, awareness, and marketing efforts in your industry;
  • why certain prospects didn’t select your firm and insight into what it’s like working with the competition.

Companies who intimately understand their buyer grow faster and win more business. This is a result of their ability to identify and evaluate opportunities and trends, and tailor products, services and marketing strategy to match the unique and evolving needs of their prospects and clients.


Client and prospect segmentation allows your company to more effectively communicate and tailor your company’s value proposition, services and marketing campaigns to the specific needs of those buyers. This type of client research helps your company maximize your market share while targeting the most commercially attractive clients. It begins with analyzing client and prospect buying behaviours, attitudes, needs, preferences, concerns and meaningful company features to group clients into target segments. After selecting the most attractive market segments, we work with your company to build out marketing strategies, tools and tactics that appeal and motivate these groups in the form of an integrated marketing plan.

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