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Command attention from potential buyers with competitive intelligence research, and learn how to stand out in a sea of look-a-like options.

Chances are, your clients are looking at companies that aren’t even on your radar, which means you might not be positioning your services in a way that makes your company stand out to your buyer. Our competitive intelligence research helps you understand your position in the market and what adjustments you might need to make in order to gain a true competitive advantage and command higher fees.

Casually keeping tabs on direct competitors isn’t enough anymore. Understanding how you can serve unmet client needs in your industry will keep you one step ahead of competition and give you the ability to consider and evaluate new products, services or market opportunities before your competitors do.

Our competitive intelligence research services include:

  • Creating profiles on direct and indirect competitors, and new market entrants
  • SWOT analysis reports
  • Competitive benchmarking and market positioning maps
  • Industry trends and projections
  • Independent analysis
  • Market share and pricing analysis

Stuck placing magazine ads just because your competitors are?

Change gears to make better use of your marketing budget.

Our competitor research will also identify which marketing tools the competition is using and how you can re-jig your tools and budget to ensure you are maximizing your spend and your reach.