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Keyword research forms the foundation of your online performance and ranking in search engines. Improve your chances of being found online by building content around the keyword terms your prospects are searching for in the digital space.

Choosing search terms, also known as keyword research, is where online ranking or search engine optimization (SEO) begins. First, you need to figure out which words and phrases people will use when they search for your firm and its products or services in Google and other search engines. Typically, we work with you to brainstorm key phrases that are relevant to your company’s offering and industry. Next, we research how many people are searching for each of those phrases, or the search volume. Then, we assess the difficulty or competition in order to rank well on the search results for those phrases. Finally, we identify, compile and select optimal keywords and phrases that have high search volume and (hopefully) low competition. Determining your search terms early on is important, as they will shape the structure and future expansion of your digital presence.