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When it comes to RFPs it doesn’t matter if you finish 2nd or 42nd. Our RFP response services set your company up to cross the finish line in 1st place more often.

For many B2B, technical and professional service companies, RFPs, bids, tenders, EOIs, or whatever your firm calls them, are often the gateway to how your company secures new business and major contracts. Increased involvement of procurement and supply chain departments has increased the complexity of RFP submissions and whether you like it or not, made winning contracts about more than just the lowest price. Buyers and procurement professionals want to see that your company is the best fit for the work they are set to award. Your company must build a best value RFP submission to demonstrate how your past experience, team and internal processes match, meet and often exceed their requirements to be their top choice.


Preparing RFPs can be a costly exercise for your company, involving many different departments from safety to engineering, especially if your firm’s win rate isn’t high. Putting a process in place to evaluate opportunities, position your firm before and during the submission, and present your best value submission will result in more predictable outcomes including: increased win rates, reduced cost per bid, a streamlined internal process, an engaged sales team, fewer last minute submissions and discounted submissions.


Our RFP services extend beyond compliance. Building your firm’s image as the best value solution in the eyes of buyers needs to be influenced well before the proposal lands. This is where your investment in research, putting a marketing or business development plan in place and creating a visible and reputable brand for your company will really pay off. Maintaining close relationships in your industry with key decision-makers is also extremely important for securing new work and renewing contracts. These relationships allow your company to gather competitive intelligence that will help you position your company as a clear choice before an RFP emerges. Your firm will become aware of projects sooner, potentially have the opportunity to influence the scope of work, bring new solutions forward, and impact the RFP process as a trusted advisor.


Through our outsourced marketing services, your company can build a proposal (RFP) process and the supporting tools to get your marketing, branding and proposal efforts to a level of efficiency you can maintain right out of the gates. Want to explore how your RFP submissions and process stacks up? Schedule a free RFP consultation meeting with us.



RFP Response Process
Are your company's RFPs always a last minute dash to the finish line?
We help you put an RFP response process in place that will help you qualify which opportunities to submit on, streamline the number of people involved, reduce the scramble and increase your odds of winning.

RFP Response Strategy & Positioning
Reacting when the RFP lands with "could have, should have" statements?
Positioning your firm for the win before the RFP lands is almost more important than preparing the RFP submission itself. Our services help coach your sales team to craft winning strategies and scenarios, gather and capture market intelligence, build strategic partnerships and communications to keep your firm at the top of the buyers mind.

RFP Documents, Design & Templates
Could your RFP submissions use an extra je ne sais quoi?
Not only do our RFP services include strategic submissions, we also integrate graphic design to compliment your proposal submission, making it easier to evaluate. In addition, we build out proposal templates so your team can have a working document to quickly compile and submit on smaller opportunities.

RFP Response Writing & Technical Writing
Need help writing compelling, yet technical content to match your qualifications to the RFP requirements?
We work alongside your technical project team to craft messages and responses that help put your best value forward and sell your strengths, while addressing and mitigating possible areas of weakness.

RFP Efficiency Tools
Is your messy shared drive making you yearn for a centralized tool for storing sales, marketing and RFP materials?
We build databases and collaboration tools to store your proposal and marketing documents so your company has a central hub for its branded templates, winning RFP submissions, marketing and sales materials, allowing you to maintain brand consistency and speed up the RFP submission process.

RFP Support & Document Preparation
Sales staff losing face time with clients by running around trying to compile RFPs?
We're here to help facilitate the management, compilation and final submission details of your RFP so your sales team can focus on developing relationships with clients.