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The days of the shotgun strategy are disappearing. An integrated marketing plan combines both traditional and digital marketing efforts, providing your company with a targeted strategy to optimize marketing activities and track return on marketing spend.

Marketing efforts missing the mark? The days of B2B marketing where a company could advertise in a few trade magazines, attend a couple trade shows, sponsor a golf tournament and rely on sales staff to bring in business are no longer enough to produce year-over-year growth. The landscape for B2B, technical and professional services marketing is shifting. Strategic marketing and the increasing importance of building a strong brand are becoming necessities to growth and gaining market share.


Putting a plan in place and getting the strategy right helps maximize your marketing resources and develop a more effective approach to marketing and business development. The creation of an integrated marketing plan is the vehicle to facilitate effective implementation of growth opportunities. It acts as a schedule to outline specific tasks, targets, budget and deliverables, also ensuring the marketing activities align with your organization’s business goals for the coming year. It also serves as an important tracking and evaluation tool to measure success and shortcomings of the efforts.